The god no one believes in

Who is running this ship? If some all powerful force were in charge of the earth, why do we have so much strife and suffering? How can we be talking about Sinead O’Connor’s hair when there’s so much suffering in the world? Can’t god act on this? Won’t god fix it?


Orlando and the holes inside

[This was written several weeks ago. It took some time to get it to this venue.] It’s been proclaimed that money is the only universally shared human belief (I heard that in a TED talk… It was mind blowing). Think about it. Money, itself, has no literal value. It cannot feed people nor clothe them……

12 Quotes: Oscar Romero

Yesterday we who live in the States remembered those who gave their lives so that we might speak and worship openly.  Today, it seems fitting to remember those who fought to see those privileges bestowed upon their neighbors. One of those warriors was Oscar Romero, a Roman Catholic archbishop in El Salvador. In 1977 he…