Behind the Words

“Leviticus is awesome!” said no one… ever. Not even the ancient Hebrews called Leviticus “awesome”. I imagine they had of bunch of other adjectives for it. Today we recognize Leviticus and its codes as being tough, bloody, ritualistic, and … passe'(?). These laws don’t shape how we encounter the Divine. So Leviticus is a bit irrelevant. In the least, it is unrelatable and difficult to the modern reader–so much so that it prompted a saying that many person’s faith has been “shipwrecked on the shores of Leviticus.” Levitical laws appear a burden to modern readers. Does God really want us to follow so many rules? Should I not mix the fabric of my clothes(Leviticus 19:19)? Are my hole-y jeans un-holy (10:6)? Can’t I eat the apples I grow on my tree this year (19:23)? Does God really dictate how we wash? How we butcher? How we think about sex? Man, Leviticus touches on nearly every little aspect of life… and that could just be the point. Maybe, behind the laws, guides, and punishments… maybe behind the words… lies the thought that every little thing can lead to an encounter with the Divine.

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There is a word there behind those Levitical words. It calls the reader to look for the Divine in the day-to-day. Wouldn’t it be worth it to see the Divine in our day-to-day? Mightn’t it be fun at least to try? Mightn’t “mightn’t” be a word we need to use more often? Think about it… Get behind those words. Get word up, my friend. Jump in like Cameo. Leave the sucka DJs behind, friends (and the red cod pieces, too, for that matter). May this post be the beginning of a worthy effort to find some touch of the Divine behind the words–the words of scripture, the words of brilliant minds, the words of less-than-brilliant minds… my words… your words… Here’s some fun: what’s a Levitical law that strikes you as odd (be specific)? How mightn’t it be a key to the Divine?


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