Prayers for week of May 10, 2015

God, this is an exciting season in the lives of many. It’s spring. Life is awakened. We feel life, and so we dance. We gather with friends on back porches. We celebrate graduations and the passing of one phase of life to excitedly face the coming of the next. God, in life, in new beginnings, we will look for you. As you set the world in motion in the beginning, as you brought your people through the waters passing from slavery to freedom, as you brought Jesus into resurrection passing from death to life, be at work in delivering us into the life of your presence.

God of peace, we need a new beginning. We witness the unrest in Baltimore and elsewhere and it reminds us that we have a lot to learn about how to treat one another. Guide us in patience and love. May the witness of Jesus and the love he showed to all be the guide of our actions. God, may we see peace in that love. Holy Spirit, remind us again that we are capable of better loving our neighbors.

God, there are those who don’t see much light, even in this season. There are many who won’t witness the new life of this season. They feel lost in a season of depression or a season of mourning. Bring light to them, Holy Spirit. Guide us to be witnesses to the light of your presence and love. There are those who feel powerless against sickness, God. Work life and healing into their lives. Holy Spirit, guide us to witness to your life and healing.

God, as the flower blooms from a dormant plant, may we be reminded that you work in restoration. You bring new life where we see endings and death. We pray for you work of restoration to expand through your creation. May we participate in it. May we look for ways to witness to it. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.


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