Prayers for week of June 21

God, we fully recognize this morning that your Kingdom has not come to completion. We look at the shooting in Charleston, we look the thousands of refugees fleeing conflicts in the Middle East, we look at the injustice in our own lives, and it’s clear: that is not what your Kingdom looks like. Lord, we pray right now that your will… the will of love… be felt in these places of brokenness and distance…[pause]
God, it’s wonderful to get glimpses of what your fully realized Kingdom looks like. It’s wonderful to experience dancing for joy in the streets. It’s inspiring to hear stories that, in the face of hatred, your faithful people will keep on praising you. God, we give thanks for the glimpses of the Kingdom we see in our own lives…[pause]
God, provide for our needs today. Provide us with physical nourishment. Provide us with spiritual nourishment. Provide us with healing and strength. Be at work in the bodies of the sick in bringing about a restoration. God, we lift up our concerns for health and wellness to you.
Forgive us, God. Forgive us when we turn a blind to the needy. When we shrug our shoulders and turn our cheeks. Thank you for forgiving us, already. God, may we be inspired to forgive those who commit evil, to forgive those who wrong us. We lay ourselves bare before you now in praying for forgiveness.
God, may your will be done. May it start now, in us. Align us to you this morning… that we might be the agents of your Kingdom this week. We pray this counting on the love we’ve witnessed through your son… and in the assurance of the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.


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