Prayers for the week of July 5 2015

God, your ways are mysterious to us at times. Other times, the things you do are so extraordinary that we either dismiss them, ignore them out of fear of disruption, or take them for granted. Open our eyes this morning that we might see and recognize all which you have done and are doing around us. God, we’re ready to be blown over by the amazing things you’ve done.

We see you in action in this community God. We witness your Spirit bringing people together in celebrating our nation. We witness your graciousness in the sacrifice of those who protect us. We pray that the uniting Spirit may increase. Draw us together, God, so that as we seek understanding and with one another, we might increase in understanding of you and your plan to perfect creation.

God, we act with mercy because you have acted with mercy towards us—we see that in Jesus Christ. Forgive us for our judgments and the petty grudges we hold on to. Forgive us for our failures to view the people around us as you view them. Holy Spirit, open us up to viewing people with love and compassion—all people of all persuasions, God. And as that work of restoration happens in us, we ask that restoration be witnessed in those who are struggling today… those who are sick… or facing surgery or long-term illness… Those who mourn, including the families and friends… those who struggle with feeling right… those who walk in a dark cloud they just can’t seem to get out of… those who are emotionally unstable…

God, we lift up our loved ones to you. We lift up our church to you. We lift up creation to you… May your kingdom come, may your will be done here as it is done in heaven. We love you. Amen.


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