Lies on Life

I am the lyin’ king. I could say anything.

There’s a bounded system of goodness in the world. If someone else is receiving goodness, it’s because you’re not. There’s only so much goodness and blessing to go around. You’ve got to seize the goodness and blessing due to you… Because if you don’t, someone else is going to take it.

I am the lyin’ King.

You’re only fulfilled when you’re happy. You’re only happy when you feel good. So seek out those good feelings, they’re your only hope of finding any satisfaction in life. If you don’t feel good then, of course feel lousy. You don’t want that, do you?

I am the lyin’ King.

The pinnacle of living is a lifestyle of leisure. It’s really what we’re all after, right? Work and toil are but temporary conditions… They are a means for reaching the end of leisure. The people who are the most blessed are those who enjoy leisurely toil. Work less for greater rewards. That’s what I always say…

I am the lyin’ King. I could say anything.

Remember how things used to be? Wasn’t it great back then? Wouldn’t you like to get back to feeling how you did years ago? You can. Just keep doing what you did in the past. Go back to that and things will be fine, trust me.

I am the lyin’ King.

All you want is all you’ll ever need. I am the lyin’ King.

All I want to give you is all you’ve ever wanted. I could say anything.


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