Words communicate ideas.

“Duh!” you’re saying. I’ll admit that’s not a profound statement. In fact, profound statements aren’t uber-prevelant on these pages. Making profound statements isn’t the idea. Instead, inspiring profound thoughts is the idea. So this site exists to throw some words against the wall in hopes that a big idea idea (a big Word) arises in the reader. We look behind the meaning of sayings, quotes, Bible passages, and the everyday that we might be awakened to some significance, some holy presence, and some inspiring meaning. Some of the attempts to achieve these ends will be absurd, others cheesily blatant, some funny, some poignant… but they’re all genuine.

What we do here:
1) We offer words to inspire.
2) We take a look at the words of our culture to find the Divine lurking above them (often by “exegeting” popular rock songs).
3) We call people to Divine encounters through prayer.

Hey, add your own words to the inspirations, dear reader. A couple things to note: 1) Ultimately, we want to build each other up, so no personal attacks. If you need to make fun of something, attack the bad grammar in any given post. 2) Keep 1 Corinthians in mind: we’re going to encourage the church, so (though some disagreeable words may be used) we are not going to let this site devolve into a forum for critiquing other christian practices.


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