Styx says you’re Fooling Yourself

Styx’s “Fooling Yourself” poses some big questions of identity… not excluding “Who is the lead singer in this band?”

Guns (Control) n’ Roses, and Paradise City

Materialism, the quest for the almighty dollar, political strife, international dischord… don’t you want to get away? Don’t you long for the place where the grass is greener? Can G’n’R tell you how to get there?

David Bowie and the pressure of apathy

Love wins. Luke Skywalker proves that. In Luke’s story (it’s the central story of an obscure sci-fi flick from the 70’s) the child-murdering, power-mad, most vile villain let’s go of hate and gives in to love thanks to the love he receives from little Luke. It’s heart-warming. Check it out some time. That same kind…