On the level: this site is new and it’s kind of a one-man show at the moment. That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome some other voices adding pieces. I just can’t guarantee any one besides my mom and a troller in Jakarta is going to read your inspiring words. But hey, maybe you can bring a couple readers with you… so email the blog at with a post idea and a short sample.

Who is our chief and commander here?

His name is Ryan Dunn. He is a husband. Father. Running coach. Professional Christian. He grew uRyan Headp in John Hughes-land outside of Chicago. He bleeds Cubby blue. He cries Cubby-blue tears. Currently, his family has set up their homestead in Eastern North Carolina, where they are learning that tea comes sweet unless otherwise specified, “barbeque” means pork, and the Trinity actually consists of Blue Devils, Tar Heels, and Wolfpack.

You can read Ryan’s writings on spirituality here. He is also flies his sports-freak flag as a contributor to Cubbies Crib. On a related note, you can email him at with your accolades, blog invitations, and book-writing deals.


2 thoughts on “Contributors

  1. Hey Ryan, My name is Todd Fisher and many, many years ago I was in a band called Neena Foundry. I was on Musical Family Tree today and saw your question from a while back. Yes. Our last album, Last Summer, started with a song called, “It’s Summer Somewhere.” Apparently it didn’t make it onto the MFT site.
    That aside, I have to say, YOUR site is fab. I actually went on to become a pastor. Further, I’m currently living in Nairobi, Kenya–not as a missionary, but doing a semester of training here.
    I so appreciate how you’re exploring the intersection of culture and faith. In seminary, they had us exegete current pop songs. Much food for thought. And much that makes me thankful for the message of the Gospel.
    All that’s to say, peace to you as you put your thoughts out there, and coach those runners (there are a lot of good ones here!),


    • Wow! How cool to hear from you! Thanks for the encouraging words.

      Your band is forever a part of the subliminal fabric of my consciousness: I can’t run over a manhole cover without singing a little line about how this won’t be the greatest summer in history. You had a fair following in my corner of Northern Illinois… Think we had gotten turned on to you all by some Indiana transplants.

      The fact that you were in Neena Foundry is pretty cool… But doing ministry in Kenya is REALLY cool. Blessings to you in that endeavor.

      What kind of awesome seminary did you go to that you got to “exegete” pop songs? And how does a dude get his hands on a copy of “It’s Summer Somewhere”?

      Seriously cool to hear from you, Todd… And all the way from Kenya. How do you find evangelism expressed differently there than in the US?


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